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Metal Style Bouvet Ltd (“MSB”) has adopted this Policy applicable to all Metal Style Bouvet Ltd customers effective January 1st, 2017 with respect to customers advertising over the Internet of products supplied by MSB.

  1. Each MSB customer remains free to establish their own resale prices. However, a customer may not (a) advertise or otherwise promote MSB products over the Internet at a net price (final price paid net of any discounts, coupons, promotions) that is less than the Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) established by MSB or (b) sell MSB product to any other person who advertises or otherwise promotes MSB products over the Internet at a net price less than the IMAP established by MSB.

Metal Style Bouvet Ltd (MSB) has established an Internet Minimum Advertised Price of 10% off List Prices.
Example: $100.00 = Retail Price per MSB Price list
$90.00 = IMAP Price

  1. If a customer violates this IMAP policy, MSB will request that the customer cease advertising or promoting products on the Internet in violation of IMAP policy. MSB will allow 48 hours for the client to comply. Should a customer fail to comply with MSB’s policy, appropriate measures will be taken to correct the situation.

  2. In executing this policy, MSB will act at all times unilaterally, and will neither solicit, consider nor agree to any recommendation, request or demand of any other person. All matters of interpretation and application of the terms of this policy and all matters concerning enforcement of this policy shall remain with the sole, unilateral authority of MSB.

For details, comments or questions concerning this policy please contact info@bouvet.com


Subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty, Metal Style Bouvet Ltd warrants that each of his product shall be free from mechanical or finish defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

EXCLUSIONS (mechanic and finish) :

  1. Any product which as been damaged as a result of installation contrary to any installation instructions given with the product.

  2. Any product which as been modified by the owner or installer or installed with parts other than the ones given at purchase.

  3. Any product having a defect caused by neglect, abuse or unreasonable use or wrong maintenance.

EXCLUSIONS (finish only) :

  1. Products sold by Metal Style Bouvet Ltd are manufactured with high standards of excellence and made from high quality material. However these products are susceptible to small surface indentations and imperfections due to the malleability of the material, the crafting of the product or the shipping. The final decision concerning finish warranty remains to Metal Style Bouvet Ltd.

  2. Polished brass and satin brass finishes are not covered by the warranty.

  3. Finishes that come in contact or are exposed to natural or chemical elements (such as excessive humidity, salt or other abrasives), including but not limited to settings near the ocean or on boats, will not be covered by this guarantee.

N.B. This warranty is not transferable and is applicable only with a proof of purchase.

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